Training plans for runners, cyclists, and triathletes

Training plans by coaches and elite athletes who daily train and race in tropical and extreme conditions of Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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What you get ? A goal, a coach, a plan

Below the short-list of what we can do for you :

  • Training Plan for triahlon

    From sprint to full distance Ironman

  • Training Plan for runners

    From 5k to Marathon, for beginners and elite athletes

  • Training plan for Trail runners

    Specific training for specific runners, from cross to ultra trail

  • Strengh training plans

    To prevent injuries, to recover faster, to run and ride faster

We also provide swimming training plan, training plan for cyclists, nutrition consulting and plan, and even training plan for kids, contact us and let us know more about your need.

Who ? 2 French coaches, runners and triathletes

To know more about us : we met multiple times during races a few years ago, being both deeply passionate about running, triathlon and training in general, we immediately connected.
Later on , we became teammates in Team Tribeats, neighbors, close friends and business partners since we love to share our expertise and passion for sport and coaching.

Personal Trainer, Pilates and Triathlon Coach Romain Chevalier

Romain is a Health and Performance Coach based in Hua Hin, Thailand.
He works daily with dozens of athletes based in Asia on rehab, strength training and online coaching from beginners to Elite trailers and triathletes.

  • FIT Personal Trainer Certificate American Council of Exercise
  • Pilates instructor
  • Training Peaks - Endurance Coaching Summit Certified
  • EXOS Speed Performance certification

Race highlights :

  • Dustman Bike Gravel Race Overall Winner (2023)
  • Pattana Triathlon 3rd Overall (2021 & 2023)
  • Sub35 10km Bangkok (2022)
  • Sam Roi Yot, Triathlon, 3rd Overall (2022)
  • Kanchanburi Cross Country Run, Overall Winner (2022)
  • Buriram Duathlon Overall Winner (2020)
  • Chiang Mai, Trail Running CM1, Overall Winner (2020)
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Runista - Running and Triathlon Training Plans - FB - Square 900 - A

Daily improving children strength and motricity Farid Beng

Farid is the owner and head coach of the HH Football Academy in Hua Hin.
He built the program and is coaching 120 children, 4 to 17 years old and from 30 different countries, implementing the running technique, mobility, and strength to prevent injury and optimize youth motricity.
He is developing Runista Kids, engaging performance for young and future athletes.

  • BAFA (Fitness & leisure animator for children) - French ministry of sport
  • Regional Animator - French Athletics Federation
  • Road Racing Level 2 - French Athletics Federation
  • Biomechanic & running - French Athletics Federation

Race highlights :

  • Petchaburi 10k Trail - 3rd Age Group (2023)
  • Hua Hin Extreme Trail - 1st Age Group (2022)
  • Triathlon Sam Roi Yot  - 2nd Age group (2021)
  • Navy Triathlon Ranong - 1st Age Group (2021)
  • Navy Triathlon Chonburi - 2nd Age Group (2019)

Personal Trainer, Running coach Martin Pauvert

Martin is a Strength and conditioning coach living in Bangkok, Thailand.
He is a high energy coach, he has been leading HIIT group classes for years and he is coaching Private Clients daily (all levels). His main expertise is in Trail Running and Road Running.

  • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • ⁠NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
  • ⁠Training Peaks - Sports Psychology
  • ⁠Training Peaks - Level 1 Coach Accreditation

Race highlights :

  •  UTMB Doi Inthanon 50km, Trail Running, 112th Overall (2023)
  • KMK50, 25km Trail Running, TOP 3AG (2023)
  • ⁠Spartan Beast Elite, Pattaya, TOP 10 (2023)
  • ⁠CTM 26km Trail Running, TOP 5 AG (2023)
  • ⁠KPTC 27km Trail Running, TOP 3 (2023)
  • ⁠F45 Playoffs Individual Champion (2022)
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